Why paint your roof?

You need to paint your roof with a durable and protective surface protection that can withstand the degradation of the weather. Your roof will look as good as new for a fraction of the cost of completely new tiles.
Roofs are exposed to great heat and cold differences, sun and plenty of water that breaks down the surface of the tiles. It can be remedied with a professional roof cleaning and a coating of NowoCoat Roof Coating.
The process of cleaning and painting takes place over 2-3 working days. The cleaning is done with a special high pressure cleaner that removes all algae and dirt.
When the roof is dry, it is spray painted with 2-3 layers of Nowocoat Roof Coating, Nowo Rub or Nowo Metal, depending on the type and porosity of the tiles. A professional roof painter knows exactly which type of coating to use.

Research and Development

Ask for a certificate to make sure you use a product that has undergone tests after international standards. Nowocoat has its own research and development laboratory with highly qualified chemistry engeneers and laboratory workers with + 45 years of experience.