About NowoCoat Roof Coating

Would you like your roof to look great and be protected?

A nice house deserves a nice roof. An old and worn down roof can decrease the market value of your house. Age takes its toll, and today, a lot of roofs are grey and dirty and the original paint is gone due to wear and tear from rain, snow and sun. This deterioration ruins the roof, since it leads to moisture being able to penetrate down into it and creates the conditions that allow for the growth of algae, moss, etc. and can also lead to frost damage. It looks pretty bad! Fortunately, it is not necessary to replace it with a new and expensive roof. Your good old roof can be painted. It gets a new lease of life, gets effective protection against the weather, and you can add 10- 15 years to the roof’s life expectancy when you paint it with the original NowoCoat roof paint.
The roof will have a new shield to protect itself once it Is painted - and it’s cheaper than you think.


Extend the life expectancy of your roof

If you have a roof made of fibre cement, concrete or steel, it can be protected and get a new robust surface. This can be accomplished by using one of our innovative, durable roof paints that, with our many years of experience and unique composition
of the best raw materials, makes them strong, UV resistant and flexible enough to withstand all kind of weather.

  • New robust surface
  • Save up to 75% compared to buying a new roof
  • Many beautiful colours
  • Extend life expectancy by 10-15 years
  • Only takes a few days of work
  • Danish quality


We recommend that you maintain the roof with a Neutralon algicide treatment at least every two years in order to have a durable and clean roof. Professional roof specialists clean and paint your roof with specially designed equipment. Over
the course of a few working days, you will have a “new” roof that you can enjoy for many years to come. Save up to 75% by getting the roof painted rather than replaced. It is not just good for your finances, but also for the environment since we will be reusing what still works and not just throwing it away.