About Nowo impregnation

The enemy is a destructive force

Yes, it is incredible that water can be such a negative word, but it is actually the worst enemy of your house. Polished and brick facades, tiles and roofs need help to preserve their neat and natural appearance.
If the surfaces are not protected, then over the course of just a single winter, they will get stained and algae will grow on them. The green coatings come from the water, and so does the destructive frost damage.
Fortunately, we can reduce this by applying NowoDry on all surfaces.

Learn to love water

Impregnation acts as a breathable, invisible umbrella against moisture and can keep, for example, a wall dry. It means less heat consumption in the house since energy is not being spent on drying a
wet wall. Maintenance is easier, and can keep the tiles on your terrace, driveway or entrance clean with an annual cleaning using Neutralon. Your local specialist can do this for you and help prevent the tiles from becoming dirty or broken.

  • Breathable and with a natural look
  • Inhibits the growth of algae
  • Maintains its original colour
  • Penetrates deep into the material
  • Keeps water out and heat inside
  • Energy-saving


The water also pulls out salt efflorescences on new facades, so take advantage of the umbrellaeffects of NowoDry and protect your entire house.
Water is welcome, once you have impregnated the materials. It is a must for every house, both old and new.